White Label Supplements

The supplement industry originated thousands of years ago in the forms of natural herbs and pain remedies. Since then it has developed quite a bit. In the 50s and 60s was when the real fitness revolution began and everyday people began seeing the repercussions of a developing society on the body. So what did we do? We hit the gym. Thus the modern day supplement industry has been born.
Originally it was for the most part unacceptable to white label products. Nutrition stores were built on name brands and wholesale consisted of basically large distribution companies for the “name brand.” The e-commerce revolution has changed all of that. People are finding more and more that the only way to keep their customers is to white label supplements using companies such as ourselves Private Label Supplements– Vox Nutrition.
Also with the rise of e-commerce came companies similar to us as manufacturers who will white label your supplements with your company information, your logo, your brand, specializing in building your name. Private Label Supplements has improved that portion of the industry even more for you. With manufacturing nailed down and in-house printing and labeling systems, we have improved the turnaround times to as low as 24-72 hours for certain quantities in the industry. We take on small accounts as low as 24 bottles a SKU all the way up to a 500K bottle capacity a month. We turn no customers down and we love showing them how we can improve time frames for their business while having competitive, even better pricing most of the time.
Our account managers are some of the best in the industry with years of experience and knowledge they will be able to help us personalize our business to fit your needs. With custom formulators we can help you bring on the new product that you want to carry to revolutionize and set your business apart. We are here to help show you how the market has changed so much, and we are here to help you adapt your business to grow with the ever changing market. Call an account manager today to let us know how we can help you.